Legal Risk Management in Electronic Commerce
- Managing the risk of cross-border law enforcement

Author: Jan Trzaskowski
Webdesign: MERE.INFO

Ex Tuto Publishing, October 2005 (ISBN 87-991018-0-7)


1. Introduction
2. The Internal Market
3. Public Law Enforcement
4. Private Law Enforcement
5. Risk Mitigation
6. Conclusions

7. Literature and References
7.1. Books
7.2. Articles etc.
7.3. Acts, Regulations, Conventions etc.

7. Literature and References

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7.3. Acts, Regulations, Conventions etc.


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1995 Data Protection Directive18

1993 Directive on Unfair Contract Terms19

1991 Brussels Convention20

1988 Lugano Convention21

1984 Misleading Advertising Directive22

1980 Rome Convention23

1972 Free Trade Agreement24

1972 European Convention on the Transfer of Proceedings in Criminal Matters25

1970 Hague Convention26

1968 Brussels Convention27

1965 Convention on Racial Discrimination28

1958 New York Convention29

1955 Hague Convention30

1950 European Convention on Human Rights31


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